Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The downtown salmon are here!

Credit: John Reinke
Have you gone out yet to look for the salmon migrating up the river and into Bear Creek?  John Reinke, an Education Hill resident, known for his downtown nature photography, saw salmon jumping under the 80th Street Bridge yesterday. Here's one of his pictures!  
It's funny, I went upstream to the Bear Creek nature park behind Safeway yesterday and couldn't find any.  I saw a lot of people enjoying the park and looking for these amazing, colorful fish.  My guess is they'll make it up here by early October?

I hope you're enjoying these beautiful Autumn days!
Bob Yoder


GuyB said...

Nice shot, John! The salmon are back! View them with Water Tenders on Avondale Road October 5 - 15.

Bob Yoder said...

Thanks, Guy. I'll try to post your link on the page.