Saturday, August 13, 2016

New Redmond trail will be constructed with sustainable development features

Trestle on Sammamish River being retrofitted
The Trestle Bridge is under construction

REDMOND, WA – You have probably noticed that construction is well underway for the second phase of the Redmond Central Connector Trail (RCC II), the City’s rails to trails project.  The RCC II has several sustainably designed features and elements that celebrate Redmond’s rich natural history. The trail will connect with the existing trail at the junction of the Sammamish River trail, across the Sammamish River, and along Willows Road to the Overlake Christian Church.
Sustainable development strategies are being implemented that are in line with Redmond’s commitment to being “Clean and Green” as stated in the City’s Budgeting by Priorities process.
  • An old culvert on Willows Creek will be replaced with a fish-passable crossing. The new crossing will be one step toward improving the health of the creek.
  • Also, the old railroad trestle over the Sammamish River is being retrofitted. Several wood timbers are being replaced to extend the life of the existing structure then the trail and railings will be integrated into the trestle. Some work in and over these waterways is required to make repairs to the trestle, and many Best Management Practices are in place to prevent impacts to water quality. This work is being conducted during the “fish-window” regulated by Washington State, a period when impacts to aquatic life are significantly reduced.
  • Nearly half a mile of the trail will use a Low Impact Development technique, permeable asphalt paving, which allows rain to infiltrate into the ground instead of running off.
  • The project will include 250 new trees and 1,000 new shrubs and plants that are native or acclimated to our region and will not require significant maintenance to survive. These new plants will improve habitat, air quality, and aesthetics along the corridor. 
Nice job City of Redmond!

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