Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer driving tips and news

With all the traffic and congestion in our area I thought these driving tips would be interesting or helpful:

I-90 sees increase in fatal crashes
The stretch of I-90 between Snoqualmie Pass and Ellensburg has seen a major rise in the number of deadly accidents this year.  To read why there have been more fatalities in 2016 than the last three years combined, and what you can do to stay safe on all Northwest roads read this.  

Can your car’s remote keyless entry system be hacked?
Whoa! This is scary, especially because it appears the answer to that question is yes. Find out how computer hackers are doing it, and steps you can take to keep your car safe.  Click the link.  Read More>>

Driver’s license test in WA State now longer
In case you hadn’t heard, the WA State written driving test has been expanded from 25 to 40 questions. Learn about the specific the changes, why they were made and tips for helping your teen pass their driver’s exam.

Left on red?
Speaking of road questions, misconceptions about free left-hand turns onto freeways could be costly for drivers trying to make that move (that’s because legally, you’re not allowed to). Learn more about this.  

Washington State: Top 20 for bad drivers
According to a new poll, the state of Washington has the 18th worst drivers in the country. So if you live here (or ‘there’ if you’re in OR), you might want to check out this list of PEMCO driving tips to avoid falling into that category.

Hot weather dangers for your home & car
When the mercury rises, so does the danger. Not only for humans, but also for your homes and cars. Here are some ways to prevent excessive heat from causing problems for your most prized (and expensive) possessions.

I-405 stretch to be ready for shoulder driving next summer, easing congestion
relief on the roads is a good thing in the congested Northwest.  Learn more about it. Click the link.

How to safely beat the heat without AC
The hot temps are finally here, but fear not. No AC? No problem. Here are a few suggestions on the best ways to beat the Northwest heat, while at the same time keeping your home safe (when windows are open, etc.)

Source:  PEMCO

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