Thursday, August 11, 2016

John Reinke discovers the Crinkle-leaf Creeper

John Reinke with a quart of berries he found (and ate!) at the Redmond Senior Center
The Crinkle-leaf Creeper
John Reinke of Education Hill is an avid photographer of nature along the Sammamish River Trail.  Over the years, I've posted scores of his photos and nature stories. The Redmond and Woodinville libraries once exhibited his Sammamish River photos; and he displayed them during Derby Days one year.

To view John's photo collection and stories go here.  Click on "old posts" at the bottom of each string of photos, to see more. 

Early this summer John came upon some interesting ground cover at the Senior Center.  It had orange-yellow berries.  John did some research and learned the plant is "Crinkle-leaf Creeper" (scientific name: rubus calycinoides) and the berries are edible!  He shared some with me, so sweet and tangy. We found the creeper in parking lot islands throughout the city -- PCC, City Hall/Library, and the Senior Center.  The berries are out of season now, but don't miss out next Spring and early Summer; and no thorns to avoid!

Are there nurseries that sell them?  The city might know of some.  Here's a link to the WSU extension website, where the plant is described:

Thanks for your find John... and all your Redmond nature photos over the years.

Here's to some good picking!

Bob Yoder

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