Thursday, August 11, 2016

Downtown nature, bridges and waterways

During a recent Council meeting three members starting talking about building a pedestrian suspension bridge from Redmond Town Center over SR520 to Marymoor Park. A bridge would provide an excellent connection to Marymoor's many events and fields. Making it nice with artwork was suggested...a good view of Bear Creek, too.  Councilmember Stilin reviewed funding options. What do you think?

This got me thinking about the Trestle Bridge renovation now in planning stages for the corridor trail.
I hope the powers that be install some nice artwork on the bridge and trail....and the public is included in the planning process.  I'd personally like to see some some Great Blue Heron art on or near the trestle bridge.  The heron is designated the City of Redmond's "species of local importance,"... it's graceful, large and would be easily seen wading, feeding, and flying around the Sammamish River. The heron is embedded in our city logo and is culturally significant.

Watershed leaders visiting the $11M
Bear Creek Restoration project.
The heron "wader bird" is occasionally seen on the Sammamish River.  They may well be feeding and wading in lower Bear Creek, especially since the $11M restoration project.  But, unfortunately you'd never know it since there's no trail out through the restored riparian to the Creek.  (Bear Creek and Sammamish River riparian is proclaimed by the city as our "habitat of local importance.")  The public also misses out on the culturally significant salmon runs of September and October. A nature trail from the Bear Creek Parkway bike trail through the riparian to the Creek would be of great interest and educational for our growing population.  Don't you think?  Please send your comments and ideas to

Bob Yoder

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