Friday, July 29, 2016

The City, LWSD and WAVE Aquatics are partnering to plan for aquatics programs in the event Hartman Pool closes.

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Hartman Pool 
Upon entering Hartman Pool today to lap swim I found a stack of City of Redmond cards announcing Redmond Pool Repairs.  It warned: "the City is funding $100,000 for limited repairs of the failing Redmond Pool in a "life support" effort to keep the 44-year-old pool operational for an undetermined timeframe."  I must say the pool looked in great shape and I hope it can stay open for years to come.

I was especially pleased to learn from the card that the City, WAVE Aquatics, and Lake Washington School District are working together to plan for aquatics programs in the event the pool closes. (They plan to direct us to Juanita Pool.) I'm aware the City is pushing really hard for a "community and aquatics center" but this was the first time I heard of a LWSD partnership option solely for aquatics. For a variety of reasons I'd much prefer LWSD/City aquatic programs over a downtown community and aquatics center.

For those wanting a combined community and aquatics center the City is looking for community members to form a stakeholder's group.  For questions about the stakeholder group visit or call Sharon Sato at 425-556-2311.

To learn how to apply for the stakeholders group email

Happy swimming!

Bob Yoder

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