Saturday, June 25, 2016

Opinion: The Downtown "glacial erratic" sculpture is a monolith .

Dede originally published this as a comment under "Musings on Redmond Arts"  

By Dede M Falcone

To me the Downtown "glacial erratic" outdoor art sculpture is a monolith.  First it's position is very poorly placed.  It is at the junction of three roads, the East side of the sculpture (looking west) is obscured by trees. On the north side it can only be viewed driving east, due to a one way road.  And on the southside it is visible for only a few moments once you have driven through the intersection.

I feel that the concept is lacking in depth, and that though the intention is to speak to the past of Redmond as once being Glacial, I hardly think that's a unique enough descriptor for our fair city. Last I heard, most of the Eastside had Glaciers.

No, I don't think the Glacial erratic is an effective use of the "pot of money" for the arts and artists of this burgeoning place, nor do I believe that particular work is terribly interesting, inventive, conceptual or inspiring.

I know that Art has suffered greatly through municipal and educational cuts and austerity measure from recent economic crises, but I think a more thoughtful, more equitable distribution of Art-funding will act as a boilerplate to actual art creation, exhibition, sales and public interaction.  I think the spirit of art is held within the people who make it, love and celebrate it.  Right now none of those "things"* could be definitive of the kinds of art works which have been commissioned thus far.

We (the public) simply have no connection to that artwork nor do we know how to connect to it.  That is the problem. It is missing the human touch of connectivity to its environment, to this culture, to the activities. It's just kind of stagnant.

Anyway, thanks for letting me offer my expertise here.  I hope it's taken in the right light as well intended that we learn from past mistakes.

Editor's note:  children and adults are warned not to climb the Erratic.  

Dede Falcone's opinion was originally published in "Friends"

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