Friday, June 24, 2016

Flood Control District to implement "split channel option" for the Willowmoor Restoration Project, will work closely with City of Redmond

On June 20, the Flood Control District passed a motion to proceed to thirty percent design for the Willowmoor Project

Lake Sammamish Transition Zone
Lake Sammamish Transition Zone

Willowmoor Floodplain Restoration Project

On Monday, June 20, the Flood Control District Executive Committee passed a motion to proceed to thirty percent design for the Willowmoor Floodplain Restoration Project with an alternative that balances flood control, habitat restoration, fish passage, recreational access and on-going maintenance, including beaver mitigation and a dynamic weir.
In response to stakeholder input, the motion also includes exploration of issues raised throughout the public process, including at the last public meeting on June 6th. The motion specifically cites the following topics to be included in the next phase of the Willowmoor Project:
  1. Develop the split channel alternative in such a way that balances the objectives of flood control, habitat restoration, fish passage, and sustainability;
  2. Include variable depth pools as an enhancement to the split channel alternative;
  3. Work with the city of Redmond on coordination with city flood control efforts, groundwater issues related to cold water supplementation, and Bear Creek impacts on Sammamish River flows; Read More >>
  4. Conduct a feasibility analysis of a dynamic weir that includes costs and benefits;
  5. Conduct a technical analysis of the split channel alternative for fish mortality and sustainability;
  6. Include a beaver mitigation plan;
  7. Include a maintenance plan for when the project is complete;
  8. Pursue grant sources to further evaluate cold water supplementation;
    Identify funding partners to assume on-going maintenance costs of cold water supplementation;
    Work with the parks and recreation division of the King County department of natural resources and parks to pursue recreational boater access; and
  9. Continue existing maintenance during design and permitting phases.
The Executive Committee unanimously thanked the members of the public who have been involved with the development of the Willowmoor Project in recent years.
In particular, the Executive Committee was impressed with the thoughtfulness and breadth of knowledge of everyone who testified at the June 6, 2016 meeting. The Flood Control District is excited to move forward with this project and looks forward to continued engagement with stakeholders.
Information about the project and the design alternatives, a project video and the project area map can be found by on the Willowmoor Floodplain Restoration Project web page.

For more information, contact Kate Akyuz, Project Manager at 206-477-4607,

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