Monday, May 23, 2016

The Saturday Market is here to stay

Painting By Patti Simpson
During the Downtown/Education Hill Town Hall meeting tonight, a question was asked about the status of the Saturday Market.  Redmond Town Center (RTC) owns the land on which the market is sited. For several years rumors have been flying RTC was going to boot the market off their location for a higher use. 
Last night the air was cleared:  RTC is conditioned by the city so that only an open market is allowed on the site.  RTC couldn't force the market out by raising rent because only open markets are allowed and RTC would lose all their revenue.  Thus, the Saturday Market (or any other open market) will never be forced off its present location.

The Saturday Market is a cultural ICON for the city with it's location on Leary Way, a gateway to the city. The open market is here to stay!

Bob Yoder

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