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Naming Redmond's five streams

This is a 2009 post

The Redmond Parks and Trails Commission recently gave a thumbs up to giving official names to five streams of significance to Redmond.
  • Klise Creek - Marymoor Park
  • Idylwood Creek - Idylwood Park
  • Peters Creek -  stormwater channel from Willows Road into Sammamish River, N. of 90th St. Br.
  • Willows Creek - near Overlake Church
  • Perrigo Creek - adjacent Ashford Trail
Peter Holte, "community naturalist" of the Redmond Department of Natural Resources listed the following selection criteria:
  • community support
  • presence of fish or the potential for fish
  • presence of native plants e.g salmonberry
  • names found in city documents (grants, land use, etc.)
  • must be a headwater and have a tributary to a larger stream.
In a Redmond Historical Society (RHS) meeting several years ago, Peter Holte and Parks Director Craig Larsen announced the city's plan to formally name 4-5 streams. Stream naming is expensive since names must be documented and filed with the State.

Mayor Marchione announced during the 7/17/08 Planning and Public Works Council Committee meeting RHS support for renaming Evans Creek to Martin's Creek after an early homesteader. Redmondite and geologist Susan Wilkens researched U.S. Geological documents and discovered the creek was named Evan's Creek before the Martin's homesteaded on the creek in 1910.

Several citizens suggested Perrigo Creek owing to it's geologic and historic connection to Redmond's first drinking water supply at Perrigo Springs. Naomi Hardy of the RHS suggested a Class 2 stream running west along NE 124th Street through 60 Acres into the Sammamish River.

Bob Yoder

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