Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Steve Fields congratulates Mayor Marchione and thanks the community

With most all of the ballots now in, Fields thanked everyone who voted in the election:
“I am glad that the citizens in Redmond had the voting opportunity to select a mayor and I am proud of the campaign that I and my volunteers ran. Our message was clear. The people who live in Redmond should never settle for anything less than a city where quality of life, environment and a city built for community are the values that city officials consider first when making decisions.
On November 9th, last Monday, most of the votes had been counted and it was not likely that the 54% to 46% was likely to change. I gave my congratulations to Mayor Marchione on his reelection for a third term as Mayor of Redmond. I told him I hope the next four years are successful for him, Redmond, and the people who live here. He thanked me and offered to meet for some Down Pour coffee after the first of the year. A respectful and quiet end to the 2015 campaign for Mayor of Redmond.
Although the results of the election were personally very disappointing, I am not discouraged. Much was accomplished. The messages of this campaign grew over the summer and became a strong and collective voice as many Redmond residents joined in to express their concern about our city’s future. We have become more determined to be involved and have a say in how our community grows and changes. We became clearer in how the city government decision making process can be made better by actively including the ideas, values, and actions of citizens.
I have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude to all of the people who have supported me, my family, the campaign, and our collective desire to improve our community. Your support kept me going over the past 6 months. And has given me stronger hope that we can continue to work together in the years ahead.
I have just completed a few days out of town visiting family and friends. Over the next few weeks I will be working at our coffee shop with the intent to give Ronni some needed time off as well as hopefully have an opportunity to individually express my appreciation to many of you.
Campaigning for Mayor of Redmond was humbling. It involved a lot of hard work as well as many rewards. Having the opportunity to personally listen to the concerns and visions of so many Redmond residents was inspiring. It was transformative. It made me a better person. Thank you so much."
Steve Fields

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