Monday, November 16, 2015

OPINION: Hey Facebook, I'm not changing my profile picture in support of France

Hey Facebook, I actually don't want to change my profile picture in support of France and the people of Paris. Simply because the days before the Paris attack you didn't ask me to change my profile picture in support of Lebanon and the people of Beirut. And before that you never asked me to change in support of the people of Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine, Nigeria, Somalia etc. So if I would change my profile picture now it would mean that some lives matter more than others. Just as you, Facebook, state when you have no safety check function available for terror attacks in some parts of the world, when you choose to have it in other parts of the world. That means you value some peoples' lives more than others. As your user, I strongly disagree, and really hope and urge you, Facebook, to make an apology to the people of the world that you until today have marginalized. #wherearetheflags

And for the record people. Daesh (IS) recruits people from all over the world to its war. The primary group of international recruitment are young marginalized muslim men that feel excluded from community life in their home countries, such as Britain, France etc. So, when Daesh (IS) attacks Paris, they know that it will feed racism and intolerance, mostly towards Muslims and people of color. Which means that Daesh (IS) recruitment will become a lot easier as countries as France become more and more intolerant towards its own population on the basis of religion. Marginalized frustrated people is not what the world needs right now, that only feeds extremism. What the world needs is unity, tolerance and peace. We need love. We need France to say: "You know what Daesh (IS), this attack only makes us even more sure that we need to open our homes for people fleeing what you are doing to them everyday. We need to stand united and strong in this difficult time. We need to summon world leaders and disregard our differences to seek a solution backed by governments all over the world. We need to show real leadership. Hate and terror will not win."

Saeed Kuddoura

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