Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Increase in Overlake Residential Burglaries

Increase in Overlake Residential Burglaries--Redmond Police Report
Since June 6, 19 residential burglaries have been reported in Redmond's Overlake District. The series of break-ins has occurred on weekdays during daytime hours.

Stolen property includes jewelry, cash and electronics. Method of entry has been through rear sliding glass doors, window smashes and window pry. When a resident has been home and answered the door, a suspicious person has asked for someone who does not live at the residence.

  • Hispanic or Asian male, around 25 years old and approximately 5-foot-5-inches tall
  • Hispanic female, approximately 5-foot-4-inches tall, thin, with long black hair
  • Black male, around 18 years old, approximately 6-feet tall, thin, with no facial hair
Suspicious vehicles include a white Lexus sedan and a red Toyota Paseo.
Investigators are following up on leads. Victims appear to be targeted for having known cash and jewelry inside the residences. Fingerprints recovered on scene have been sent to the King County Automated Fingerprint Identification System.
Redmond Police would like to remind citizens to call in any suspicious activity to 911 or 425-556-2500, especially if they receive a knock on the door from a stranger asking for someone unknown to them.
Residents are asked to secure important belongings and be mindful of outward signs of valuables. 

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