Thursday, September 18, 2014

Redmond man complains about safety issues at Redmond Skate Park

A concerned Redmond man, Chris Wallman, spoke up at City Council during Items from the Audience last Tuesday about the dangers at the Redmond Skate Park.  This was his second presentation on the subject.  He complained of drug sales, a fight, loitering by the homeless and drug abusers within the park. 

He said he had to risk his life by breaking up fight where he encountered at-risk youth using brass knuckles fighting a man.  When he reported the incident to the City of Redmond the only response he got was from officer Bret Cambell but he said the city came up with no answers. 

He acknowledged Redmond Police Chief Ron Gibson's earlier concerns from his first presentation to Council but the Park remains susceptible "to tragedies that can be prevented."  A council member also responded to his earlier presentation.

Mr. Wallman said he would continue to address his concerns about safety within the Redmond Skate Park if nothing is done.  He left a paper for the record that addresses how other cities around the country address safety at similar parks.   


Anonymous said...

Drug use at a city skate park? I'm shocked!!

Just one of many unintended consequences, brought to you by our best and brightest urban planners.

I'm anxiously waiting for the new downtown park myself so the homeless have one more nice place to sleep.

Safety Sue said...

Former Council, Sharon Dorning, stated for the record, as she and the Council considered 3-4 sites, that she wasn't supporting a site that hid our youth. This facility is in full public view so the problems is because of their outright audacity. Changing these behaviors will require both civic involvement and enforcement.