Tuesday, February 25, 2014

LWSD Bond Fails - Proposition One and Two Pass

The final results are in at King County Elections and the LWSD Bond failed to pass by 2.21% of those voting.  Only 57.79% of those voting voted for the bond.  60% was needed.  The $775 Million price tag was just too much for the growing minority of voters to stomach.  The school board is meeting with staff to try to come up with an answer to the community.

Proposition One passed with 65% in favor.  Proposition Two passed with 64% in favor.  Only 30.74% of the registered voters in the District voted. 

Reported by Bob Yoder


Richard Morris said...

Was this bond failing for new construction? More schools to be built?

Bob Yoder said...

Hi Richard - Yes the bond that failed was for new construction (tear down and rebuild) AND for several new schools.

The school board just decided this Monday to put a 404 Million dollar bond to the people in an April election. I will post a letter from Dr. Traci explaining this soon.