Monday, February 3, 2014

Letter: Reject Proposition 3

By Paul Hall

Letter:   It's pretty clear that this 3/4 billion dollar bond issue is not intended to solve the housing problem, Bob. Only 238 million is earmarked to address growth with 6 new schools and small additions to 2 others. The district's Six Year Facilities Plan relies on portables to handle the thousands of remaining unhoused students for years to come.

The other 517 million is to tear down and rebuild 6 more relatively new schools (leaving 12 more substandard for years more) and build two more small boutique schools. Almost 160 million (2/3 as much as the total amount planned for growth) is budgeted just for a new Juanita HS. The district's planning policies are obviously still skewed toward replacing schools rather than providing permanent housing and modernized facilities for all our kids and teachers.

By piggybacking the growth and replacement issues, the district's using the overcrowded housing conditions to force voters who want to address this problem to also approve the continued replacement (rather than modernizing) of a part of our relatively new remaining building inventory. We should reject Proposition 3 and give them a chance to come up with a more rational facilities plan or resubmit this as two separate issues.

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