Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bear Creek Rehabilitation Project moves forward

City Council approved $3,002,284.93 to hire KLB Construction to complete "Bear Creek Rehabilitation Package 1", as follows:

The Bear Creek Rehabilitation Package 1 project is located between SR 520 and Bear
Creek Parkway, east of the Sammamish River and north of the current Bear Creek
Channel in Redmond. The package 1 project construction involved the following:

Rough grading work of 2,600 feet of the future relocated channel

Completion of 1,000 feet of stream features of the lower relocated channel

Connection of the new channel to the Sammamish River

Completion of the archaeological recovery necessary to mitigate any significant

cultural resources found within the future channel alignment

Stockpile of material to be utilized in package 2 of the channel relocation

Relocation of 2,700 feet of paved trail  

This initial construction work represents the first of a two-phase process to relocate the

creek. The total funding for the project (all phases) includes an $8 million contribution

from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) as part of a

mitigation agreement with the City. The remainder of the construction work will be

accomplished in the spring and summer 2014.

All work under this contract has been completed in accordance with the plans and

specifications approved by the City Engineer. The recommended action approves the

final amount and constitutes final acceptance of the work under the contract.

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Anonymous said...

Of course they scoured out all the trees and vegetation for this "improvement" project.