Thursday, January 3, 2013

UPDATED: Twenty-five citizens show up for Tent City Public Meeting

Tent City encampment at St Jude four years ago
UPDATED:  City of Redmond Principal Planner, Steve Fischer led the Public Meeting last night held at Redmond Middle School library for the purpose of reviewing Share/Wheel's permit proposal to house Tent City 4 at St Jude.   Thirteen community citizens showed up, including 4 children and all had a chance to ask questions of twelve tent city resident/citizens present.  About 33 homeless are expected to immediately move into the St. Jude encampment January 12 with capacity for 100.  Share/Wheel didn't expect the encampment to reach capacity owing to the cold weather.

One of the children asked what kind of medical care tent city residents get while camping out.  Several adults asked what kind of support system is set up to help get residents transitioning out of the encampment.  Contact St. Jude to donate food and supplies. 

There were several security questions.  All tent city residents have background screens before they are allowed on camp.  Those that fail the screen are given a bus pass and walked to the bus stop.  Tent city members self-govern and patrol their encampment on a regular basis. 

This is the fourth time in six years Tent City 4 may be hosted by St. Jude.  (The appeals process ends in a week.)  Pastor Rogerson of St Jude said Kirkland and Woodinville have both held their Tent City encampments in two different locations.  After the meeting he said there was another community in Redmond with a church who indicated an interest in hosting a subsequent encampment. 

Photo and Report by Bob Yoder

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