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Holiday Safety Alerts, By Jim Bove, Redmond Police

Jim Bove - Redmond Police Community
Dear Redmond Community and Friends,
Please see below crime prevention tips, scams, alerts, and upcoming important dates. Have a great holiday season!
Be safe,

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Sin City
From October 1 – December 12 we have had 88 vehicle prowls (the last 12 months we have averaged 33 per month, which is waaaay low…we’re actually 35% down compared to last year at this time). However, the “good” news is that there are actually some hot spots. I’ve always said the best and worst thing about Redmond is there is no real “bad” area of town where many crimes occur—good because it’s safe, but it’s more difficult for patrol officers and crime analysts to predict where crime will happen next. Crime is usually fluid throughout the city, but two main locations have been targeted in the last few months. (There were three “rings” one of which has been solved). The Cleveland/Leary Way area has seen 18 prowls during this time period. The NE 24th/148th Ave NE area has seen 14. The general time frame is Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays between 7:00 p.m. – 10:15 p.m. and they tend to occur near businesses where customers will be gone for an extended period of time. Most are “smash & grabs” (smash window, grab what you can) and they are targeting the usual—laptops, small electronics, etc., likely from people who have come from work. For crime prevention tips, (other pages listed on left side)

Oceans Twelve
We are ending the year the same way we started—with a smattering of residential burglaries. Unlike the vehicle prowls, these have occurred throughout the city with no real rhyme or reason as to location, however, all are during the day (as usual). From October 1 – December 10 we’ve had 32 (11 in October, 13 in November, and 8 through December 10…we have been averaging about eight per month over the last year, so not a huge increase but an increase nonetheless). Items stolen range from the usual computers, electronics, passports, cash, jewelry, etc. (things that are easy to sell) Entry points are usually via door kick-ins, window smashes to rear sliding glass doors/windows, and window breaks next to front doors to access door locks. In a few of the incidents, victims were home and heard someone knocking and ringing the doorbell multiple times but thought ignoring it would make them go away. Once the suspects heard people inside, they take off running. Try to make contact with these people—you don’t have to open the door, just talk through it and tell them you aren’t interested. Let them know someone is home—they aren’t usually looking for a confrontation like you see on TV. Most victims were gone for the day or gone for a long weekend so be sure to utilize your neighbors (did somebody say “Neighborhood Watch?”. Call 911 immediately if you see suspicious activity.  Read More >>

Reminder: The 2013 Polar Plunge benefiting Special Olympics is Saturday, March 16, 2013…and it’ll be St. Pattie’s Day themed! Photos from past plunges, video from last year, and registration for this event can be found here: You can help Special Olympics four ways with this event:
1. Register and raise funds as a plunger (come on, it’s FUN!).
2. Register and raise funds as a member of the “Chicken Coop”
3. Virtual registration – you register and raise money for Special Olympics Washington but don’t attend the event.
4. Show up, have fun, and cheer us on—lots o’ fun to be had. More info to come.
(Get a t-shirt after raising your first $50 as a Chicken Coop-er or Plunger. Also, don’t forget that many employers will match donations that their employees make to non-profits!)
Mercury Rising
With colder weather, it’s not uncommon for thieves to look for vehicles that are running with nobody inside (these are called steamers). Very easy target. Don’t leave your car running unless you are in it. We haven’t had a problem here, but we’ve heard other agencies have had some.
Perfect Stranger
This should hopefully serve as a reminder….be aware of the “overpayment scam” when selling property, usually on craigslist. The buyer will send a check (which later bounces) for more money than asking price, asks you to cash it and then to send them (or someone else) the extra money. The check is fraudulent (usually not found out until later), the buyer is a suspect, and the innocent victim is now out an item that they thought they had sold along with any additional fees for wiring money, overdraft in accounts, etc. There are many versions to this, here’s the FTC’s official If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
The next Stay Active & Independent for Life (SAIL) class begins at the Redmond Senior Center on February 11th. SAIL is a fun and friendly beginning strength, balance, and fitness class for “mature” adults (50+). The instructor is experienced with seniors and provides modified exercises to accommodate all fitness levels. The class has been expanded to 8 weeks long and will be offered 4 times in 2013. Registration is through the Redmond Senior Center: 425-556-2314,, or register online through the Redmond Parks & Rec (click on fitness and then “Adult & 50+.” Call Debbie at 425-556-2259 with questions.
Part 1 - We have learned that the Mayan calendar “end of the world” prediction is actually false; it really runs through the year 4772. Therefore, it makes it even more pertinent to be prepared in case of an actual disaster. The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is hosting “Redmond Ready Day 3” on Saturday, January 19, 2013 at Overlake Christian Church (9900 Willows Road NE) from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. The City’s “Redmond Ready” campaign encourages citizens to be trained in three areas: 1) First Aid, 2) CPR, and 3) Personal preparedness. Redmond Ready Day provides training in all three areas mentioned above with the only cost being a discounted rate of $14 for first aid and CPR training (usually costs much more). The two-hour personal preparedness class is free. Seats are limited so register today at If you have questions, call Janeen at 425-556-2251.
Part 2 - For those who have attended Redmond Ready and want more extensive training (and even for those who haven’t gone through Redmond Ready Day) the next Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training begins January 14th for eight Monday evenings from 6:00-9:00 p.m., culminating with a final disaster drill on Saturday, March 9th. (There are only a few spaces available, so hurry) This training prepares you in basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. For more info,

Part 3 - And, one last thing from OEM, get your very own Disaster Preparedness calendar (link is on right side). No, it’s not dates of upcoming disasters, we’re not that good, but each month has information about a different type of disaster, what to expect when it takes place, how to be prepared, etc…..You can bring it up online and print it yourself or contact OEM for a hard copy.

And, while you’re at it, here are important dates to pencil in:
January 24
Women’s Personal Safety class
February 11
Stay Active & Independent for Life (SAIL) class
March 16
Polar Plunge (Idylwood Park) to benefit Special Olympics
March 20 - May 22 (Wednesdays)
Citizen’s Police Academy
April 18
Personal Safety class
July 25
Personal Safety class
August 6
National Night Out
October 24
Personal Safety Class
Be safe,
Jim Bove
Redmond Police Department
Community Outreach Facilitator
8701 160th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052
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