Thursday, December 20, 2012

Public Meeting on Tent City at St. Jude slated for January 2

The City of Redmond is holding a public meeting Wednesday, January 2, 7PM at Redmond Middle School to take comment on St. Jude's proposal to host Tent City for three months beginning on January 12.  The encampment would provide emergency shelter for up to 100 persons. 

Written comments can be submitted to city planner, Steve Fischer at  Submit your name and address to be a party of record.  His phone number is 425-556-2432.

The final decision may be appealed to a Hearing Examiner (Redmond Zoning Code 21.76.060(1).

Non Profit Share/Wheel has housed Tent City at St. Jude over the last six years for a total of 9 months to date.  What do you think about this proposal?    Send your letters to me at

The tent city photo was taken at St. Jude  during their second encampment. 

Report and Photos By Bob Yoder

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