Saturday, May 19, 2012

Redmond City Council Member to Seek Superior Court Position

Allen Will Challenge Doug North in August Primary

Redmond City Council Member to Seek Superior Court Position 30

REDMOND, WA. --- Kimberly Allen, 53, twice elected member of the Redmond City Council, announced today that she is running for King County Superior Court, Position 30. Allen has served for seven years on the Council, focusing on smart growth, the environment and regional transit.  Read More >>

In her professional law practice, Allen has heard and decided more than 100 land use cases in municipalities around Puget Sound. She formerly served as a criminal prosecutor, civil litigator and as an Arizona Assistant Attorney General .
Why would a locally-elected lawyer want to move to the bench? “I see a great unmet need for a broad range of legal skills and new energy,” Allen said. “In King County, the court faces significant turnover in the next decade. We need a new generation of listeners who are committed to making everyone who comes to the court feel respected and heard. Our judges should reflect the community we serve.”
Allen has worked the criminal side as a prosecutor and has litigated cases in a number of practice areas that come before Superior Court. Her work as a hearing officer requires navigating the complex law of land use in hearings where citizens are often upset and confused about impending changes in their neighborhoods. “My years as a councilmember listening to the people I represent make me a very good listener, which is a key skill for a judge,” she said.
Her decision to challenge Douglass North for Position 30 was prompted by his not taking the bench in Department 30 for months due to apparent illness, in spite of a crushing backlog of cases. The Daily Calendar lists him as “On Leave”. While she empathizes with his circumstance, Allen believes that the court does not have the discretionary resources in this economic climate to cover his caseload indefinitely, with no indication of when he can resume his duties.
After being urged to consider a contest for North’s seat, Allen reviewed his record. “I was disturbed by North’s handling of two high profile rape cases where defendants were permitted to cross examine their accusers personally with minimal intervention by the judge. “I saw a Fox News interview he gave where he said that he could do nothing to intervene in what he described as a heart wrenching cross examination of these young women. I disagree. Courtroom control is a judge’s responsibility, and I believe we can assure a defendant’s full right to confrontation while demanding respectful treatment of all witnesses.”
Allen has two children and lives in downtown Redmond with her husband.
Campaign contact information:
16541 Redmond Way, #C470
Redmond WA 98052
(425) 522-2827

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