Monday, April 9, 2012

OP-ED: The Mayor's proclamation of Dr. Kimball's success seems premature

"Superintendent-elect" Dr. Traci Pierce at Redmond  City Hall "Meet and Greet"
Mayor John Marchione in background
Traci will implement Kimball's plan for re-alignment and performance improvements 
OP-ED:  Dr. Kimball initiated the K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 grade realignment over two years ago and the transition won't take effect until Fall 2012 when students, teachers, sports schedules, curriculum, classroom assignments, bus routes and extra curricular activities will all be moved around and reshuffled on a grand scale affecting thousands of students. Will this turn out successfully for each and every student in the district? We've been reassured that *everything* is being taken care of and is under control, but I get the feeling from talking to other parents and kids that the middle schools and high schools will be stressed, if not chaotic, with the new grade assignments. Dr. Kimball is walking away before anyone knows if next year's transition will be a success or if it will be a painful, difficult mess that takes years to work through. I'm sorry, but I think Dr. Kimball packing up and leaving at this most critical time is rather irresponsible. A proclamation by the mayor of Dr. Kimball's great contribution and success seems premature and inappropriate.

By Anonymous on Mayor Marchione honors Dr. Chip Kimball by Proclam... on 4/8/12)
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Well said and I completely agree.