Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tree Sock Art at Anderson Park

Tree Sock Art in Anderson Park
This Tree Sock Art in Anderson Park adds color and excitement on a dreary day.  The question is, how far will the Arts Commission go?    They started off by yarning small trees behind City Hall and from there it's taken off.  The City of Sammamish stitched sock art around topped, dead trees in the corner of a busy intersection. I'm not sure why they'd want to add attention to topped trees.  This art looks pretty good in live park trees.

What do you think?

By Bob Yoder


PaigeN said...

I personally HATE Tree socks. I think they're horrible and truly an eyesore. They were horrible when they were in Sammamish, but now that they're in Redmond, they're even worse. Anderson Park is a beautiful HISTORIC park where lots of kids play and these just make the place look like yarn straws.

Wondering what the small businesses that border the park think about these?

And, I'm really hoping that we, the taxpayers didn't pay for the tree socks.

RJH said...

I think the tree socks are cute and fun! But haters gonna hate I guess...

TempusFugitt said...

I am on the "liker" side. It's not like they are permanent. They are colorful (nice for our grey February) and fun.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Paige.

I think trees look best in their natural clothing. Why mess with it? As for topped trees, I would rather not draw attention to their hideous massacre through this artificial colorful display. Let them heal quietly.

I wonder if these socks could promote disease and such to the tree bark. And are the birds and squirrels confused or affected by them?

And, I too hope that the residents aren't unknowingly paying for this; otherwise I would assume the City must have quite a surplus on their hands to have it spill over to something so superfluous.


Bob Yoder said...

Ooops - looks like the park's been "yarn bombed". wouldn't doubt if if buildings are next.

this will be a great tourist attraction, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

They are UGLY UGLY UGLY. I didn't think it was possible for anything to be uglier than the sammamish tree socks, but it is. What an eye sore. That lady needs to put her "crafts" in a gallery or better yet, her home. I hope they are soon gone.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Paige, it's an eyesore. The photo isn't as bad as when driving by. One might be fine, but that many takes away from the natural beauty of the park.

Anonymous said...

the tree socks may have been a little lively for the dreary days but now it is spring and almost summer - i go to the park to enjoy nature and this sock things are UGLY - and it has migrated to buildings - I pass some every day - at the 7-11 near the bus station


Bob Yoder said...

Some neighbors don't rake their autumn leaves till the summer.

Appears the city Arts Department is one of them.

I hear they'll be blowing in the summer breezes til June. Socks should be dried out by them, same with my poor eyes.