Saturday, February 18, 2012

City road constuction contractors overlook stormwater treatment

This is the first report in a series on road construction, road conditions in the city...

The City of Redmond requires developers and their contractors to install fabric filters in and around project storm drains, to keep silt and pollutants from entering into stormwater lines. Stormwater treatment is important because it all eventually drains into our creeks and rivers and ultimately into Puget Sound.  City  inspectors or the contractor may repair this in the near future.  It's ironic the construction project involves building a stormwater trunk-line under the road.

Unprotected 166th AVE NE storm drain in Redmond covered
 with asphalt spilling from a temporary curb. 2/18/12 

Correct Method:  Storm drain is protected with filter cloth
 and the stormwater is treated.
  (Milwaukee, WI)

Asphalt is a thick brownish or black substance derived from the same crude oil which produces kerosene, gasoline and vinyl. It is literally scraped from the bottom of the barrel after all other petroleum-based products have been refined or processed.  Petroleum products are pollutants.

The city announces in their RCTV-21, website, twitter and AM 1650 storm reports to do your part to keep our storm drains clear of leaves and debris.  For city action on road or drain problems please write for help.    

Reported and photographed by Bob Yoder
Photo of fabric grate from Internet (Wisconsin)


Brian Hansford said...

Nice work reporting this Bob. I find it ironic that the big infrastructure project with this oversight along with the 'Group Health Clearcut with Exceptions' and the mow down of existing business buildings to put in a "needed" centennial park occur at the same time. Maybe our City Council has taken their eye off the ball after all?

Brian Hansford

Greg West said...

I think any construction around the city should be checked by the city engineering department and not just rely on the contractors.

Jana said...

Sounds like they need someone to install some inlet filters...