Friday, February 17, 2012

LETTER: Education Hill Shooting - What can we do?

The city is hosting a neighborhood meeting on Thursday evening, March 1, 6:30 p.m., Redmond City Hall.  Your questions and needs for public safety funding will be addressed.  425-556-2415

Paige with grandchildren
LETTER:  I live in what used to be a quiet family neighborhood. Kids played in the street, parents walked their kids to school, walked their dogs, chatted on street corners and waved hello as they passed. We knew the cars that belonged and the cars that didn’t. We watched out for neighbors and strangers and each other.

All those things still happen on a daily basis around here: kids and parents slide down a hill during snow storms, neighbors take each other dinner or call to check in, strange cars are noted, unknown faces are searched and memorized. But there’s an edge to all of it now. Our innocence has been lost, thrown away, departed.

Our quiet family street with children and pets and an occasional coyote or raccoon has transformed into an ongoing episode of COPS: Redmond. Car prowls and thefts; speeding cars with loud engines and louder music at all hours of the day and night, Police and aid cars at least once a month, and now, a gunshot and a fatality in our once peaceful neighborhood. Lives and peace and trust and families shattered.

A non-resident owner, underage inhabitants and visitors and questionable activities have taken place months, even years now. Neighbors have called regarding thefts, car break-ins and suspicious activities. What can we do?  Read More >>
After speaking to the Redmond Police Department I learned we have options. We have recourse. We have help!

Some things I learned:

Neighbors that call regarding suspicious activity INCLUDING cars that don’t belong on the street, “strangers”, and suspected illegal activity are the best resource for the police department / narcotics task force. (If you “suspect” something is wrong, call it in).

Call 911 if an activity is taking place right away EVEN IF IT’S NOT AN EMERGENCY. Dispatch will send an officer to investigate.

Police are required to notify the owner of the home if a tenant commits a crime/s in owner non-occupied homes (the owner of the home doesn’t live there). If the home is constantly a source of police activity (Domestic Violence, assault or drugs included), the owner will also be notified by the police or narcotics task force.

Numbers to call:

Neighborhood Resource Officer (Education Hill and other parts of Redmond)
Officer Julie Beard (on duty after 12:00 PM) (425) 445 – 0116

Neighborhood Watch
Jim Bove (425) 445 – 2545

Eastside Narcotics Task Force (Bellevue, Redmond, other eastside communities)
Tip Line: (425) 452 – 4289
Email tip line

The task force’s JOB is to investigate “suspicious activity” and turn those suspicions into proof so that the criminals can be prosecuted.

It only takes one person to get involved to make a difference. Make that one person YOU! Don’t let your neighborhood be altered by the reality of crime and possibly death.

Paige Norman
Education Hill resident
Community volunteer, parent

Paige is a frequent contributor to the blog.  You can find all her stories on the sidebar.

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