Saturday, January 21, 2012

"The Hugging Tree" crashes down

"The Hugging Tree"  crashes down - remaining stump and debris in foreground
LETTER:  Wanted to be sure you know about this loss to a beloved part of Redmond history:

From the Ferrel McWhirter Park facebook page, we have learned that the "hugging tree" was destroyed by the snow and ice.  This tree was a major focal point of the south side of the park.

As the name implies, generations of kids attending the City-run preschool at the park regularly would make a circle around this wonderful tree. Call them tree-huggers or not, but they did learn to love nature!

Even kids now grown are crushed to learn of this loss. Perhaps someone should be brought in to create a fitting piece of art out of the remaining stump?

The nearby preschool at the park is one of the hidden gems of Redmond, and my kids have grown up with some of the friends they met there.

They all consider this "their" park forever, and it is an anchor to the area for us all.

Letter by anonymous reader
Submitted to RNB on 1/21/12


Anonymous said...

I was over at Farrel-McWhirter today and realized that this was the tree we would picnic and play under. It was the HUGE maple tree in the middle of the field toward the swings. Tree cutters were cutting down what was left. This is very sad. I still have wonderful memories of the ponies and exploring the woods and playing in the creek.

aaron83 said...

I came there to the park this last fall to take autumn photos, I told myself I will come back each season, this is very sad. I could only imagine the memories that played under this wise old tree.