Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LW District Students Selected for All-State Honor Music Ensembles

String Jam at Juanita High - violinists
District Students Selected for All-State Honor Music Ensembles

Fifty-seven district students have been selected by taped audition for this year’s All-State and All-Northwest honor music ensembles. Twenty-one students were selected for All-Northwest music ensembles, and 36 were selected as All-State music ensemble members.  Read the list of student honorees...


These students will travel to Spokane over Presidents Day Weekend in February for three intensive days of rehearsal with several hundred of the finest students studying music in the Pacific Northwest. All-State students are from Washington state only.

All – Northwest Honors Band:

Sierra Allen, Bb Soprano Clarinet (RHS); Austin Chen, Alto Saxophone (JHS); Jack Donahue, Euphonium (JHS); Daniel Giacobbe, Bb Soprano Clarinet (RHS); Stella Perlic, Percussion (JHS); Josh Reyes, Tenor Saxophone (JHS); Karl Ronneburg, Percussion (RHS); Alexander Ronneburg, Bassoon (RHS); and Carolyn Wilson, French Horn (JHS).
All – Northwest Honors Jazz Choir:

Colter Potter, Drums--Jazz Groups (JHS)

All – Northwest Honors Mixed Choir:

Connor Bergren, Tenor 2 (LWHS); Nina Couch, Soprano 2 (LWHS); and Kimani Iba, Tenor 1 (LWHS).

All – Northwest Honors Orchestra:

Michael Deroche, Trombone (LWHS); Dorris Hwang, Violin (ICS); Mana Maloney, Violin (RHS); Angela Page, Viola (RHS); Andrew Pang, Viola (RHS); and Adrianna Svitak, Violin (RHS).

All – Northwest Honors Treble Choir

Brittany Plumb, Soprano 1 (LWHS) and Andrea Smith, Alto 2 (RHS).
2011 WMEA All-State Concert Band:

Ben Chao, Trombone (RHS); Owen Evans, Alto Saxophone (JHS); Amy Harger, Bb Soprano Clarinet (KaJH); Logan Heine, Baritone Saxophone (KaJH); Sharon Li, Trumpet (RHS); Timothy Roetcisoender, Bb Soprano Clarinet (JHS); Samuel Schwabacher, Percussion (JHS); Keegan Taggart, Trombone (KaJH); Alexander Wictor, Euphonium (IJH); and Milo Wilkes, Tuba (RHS).

2011 WMEA All-State Symphonic Choir:

Robert Domos, Tenor 1 (RHS); Dani Hobbs, Alto 2 (RHS); Hana Holmes, Soprano 1 (LWHS); Nalini Krishnan, Soprano 1 (ICS); Sarah Lee, Soprano 2 (RHS); Stephanie Lin, Alto 1 (RHS); Natasha Lindquist, Alto 2 (LWHS); Ryan Lustgarten, Tenor 2 (LWHS); Jake Nathlich, Bass 2 (LWHS); Tessa Rough, Alto 1 (JHS); Dallen Smith, Tenor 1 (LWHS); Conor Spear, Tenor 1 (EHS); Sonja Usher, Soprano 2 (RJH); Christa Von Der Burg, Soprano 2 (RHS); and Garrison Whaley-Sharp, Bass 1 (JHS)

2011 WMEA All-State Symphony Orchestra:

Melissa Boyer, String Bass (RHS); Megan Cote, French Horn (RHS); Albert Daschle, String Bass (RHS); Gabrielle Hsu, Bassoon (JHS); Sarah Kang, Violin (EHS); Atticus Liu, Violin (RJH); Reid Watson, Viola (JHS); Mackenzie Toher, Viola (LWHS); Erik Wictor, Trombone (EHS); Aelish Wright, Viola (LWHS); and Alex Zhou, French Horn (RJH).

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