Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Evergreen CEO Bob Malte starts talks with LWSD on "children's wellness & health" initiative.

Evergreen CEO Bob Malte
The Evergreen Hospital Board Study Session (12/7) proved fertile ground again for hospital news.  Commission meetings are open to the public and once a month they will listen to you.

CEO Bob Malte announced a "wellness and children's health" initiative to put additional levy tax-dollars to work towards community health service. He's already met with Dr. Chip Kimball of LWSD. North Shore and Riverside School districts may require different programs. Do you have creative community health service ideas for Mr. Malte or Commissioner Greenfield? Please send them to: Ms. Burton: lhburton@evergreenhealthcare.org   Commissioner-at-large Jeanette Greenfield, Board Secretary, sits on the Standing Levy Committee.

President Terrance Pheifer, MD and CEO Bob Malte described a revised "Compensation Committee".  Mr. Malte and Dr. Pheifer addressed the "199" document which lays out "who is authorized to spend unbudgeted funds besides the CEO".  A new policy was made to give the Commission oversight of unbudgeted funds when certain thresholds are met.  Read more...

Dr. Terrance Pheifer, President of the Medical Staff Executive Committee brought up an American Hospital Association survey of hospital infection rates, stating Evergreen did well in cardiac, orthopedic and hysterectomy procedures and "hand washing".  Study size and method weren't quoted.   In addition, Dr. Pheifer warned that only 1/3 of adults and children are vaccinated for the flu and it's migrating up from the SE and will be here soon.

Evergreen has 35 Community Advisor volunteers from all parts of the district. They "touch-base" with the community for input. An online Advisor survey was recently completed. The Program Manager is leaving and taking another job within the hospital. 

Chuck Davis, Director of Capital Projects, described a $1.6M Cancer Center project that will involve some demolition and move the Executive Suite to the "Silver Wing".  It will be funded from the 2011 budget. 

The Human Resources Director reported on a three week "employee engagement" survey held every seven years. The result: 73% of employees (excluding per diem) were engaged and passionate about their work and the hospital. 90% if you count per diem workers.

Recently hired Senior V.P. and Chief Medical Officer, Jeff Tomlin, MD reported on a new Quality Plan, Clinical Advisory Board, and the Performance Excellence Committee.  Kay Taylor was just hired to a new Evergreen position as V.P. Marketing and Communications.  Malte is searching for a C.O.O.

Reported By Bob Yoder
[one other citizen sat in on the 12/7 study session; public attendance is encouraged. ]

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