Monday, December 6, 2010

ALERT UPDATE: The New City Website Will Launch On December 8 With Some Twists

Attention Users of City of Redmond Website    After emailing Ms. Gronlund, City Communications Manager last night, I learned the city will launch their new site this Wednesday morning, 12/8.  Be advised, old Bookmarks will be lost .   Though Marta addressed Redmond Neighborhood Blog specifically, it appears Media will lose links to the new city website.  No city press release on the launch date was issued.
From: Marta Gronlund
Date: Sun, Dec 5, 2010 at 10:59 PM
Subject: RE: Focus website index page feedback
Yes the (Winter Lights)  festival was wonderful.
Yes, the new site, while still to the outside world is completely different on the back end (database driven). So all links will be different - no old bookmarks will work and content is now organized functionally rather than by department. So for those who use it frequently, it will be a little frustrating for awhile.
If you have links to content on your blog now, please send them to me and I will get you the new links to the same content as soon as I have them. We launch the new site Wed. AM. (12/8)
Thanks, Marta Gronlund
City Communications Program Manager
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When, and if, I receive the new website links from City Communications, I'll update RNB links. 
It's my understanding the new city website link is

Redmond Neighborhood Blog (RNB) reports on Open Government and links extensively to the city website to provide proof sources for my research; and important city information RNB provides could be compromised. 

RNB is the oldest, ongoing hyper-local media site in Redmond.  A plethora of city website links going back over four years are momentarily disabled.  However, the majority of RNB readers rarely click on  links, so little will be truly lost to your reading enjoyment!  And, Redmond's repairing their end. 

OPINION and Report By Bob Yoder.


Bob Yoder said...

I was just looking at it – and our internal links are mostly still a series of numbers and symbols – they aren’t “user friendly” yet. I need to find out when that will happen so I can actually get you the correct link. It just so happened the historical preservation was friendly, so I could send it.

I’ll get them to you as soon as I can, but it’s kind of crazy around here right now and something like this ( isn’t going to help you much.

: ) Marta

Marta Gronlund
Communication Program Manager
City of Redmond
v: 425.556.2427 m: 206.498.8054 f: 425.556.4242

Bob Yoder said...

Marta - The Redmond Reporter, KOMO-4 Redmond News and other online media sites don't have any broken links. Why isn't the RNB blog getting the same level of service?

This message will be sent by email to Marta and City Council.