Sunday, December 5, 2010

Advertising Is Ramping Up At "Evergreen Redmond Medical Plaza" and "Swedish/Redmond ER and Outpatient Center"

Shopping Cart Advertisement at Bella Bottega 
UPDATED:  For several months now Evergreen has been successfully advertising Evergreen Redmond Medical Plaza scheduled to open sometime in March of next year.  This shopping cart ad at QFC Bella Bottega  is very effective.  Have you seen these cart ads in other grocery stores?

This ad hits on four key features of Evergreen Redmond Medical Plaza:
  1. Primary Care
  2. ER Department
  3. Specialty Care
  4. Specialty Care Imaging & Lab Services
Several months ago, I attended an Evergreen Hospital Commission Meeting and listened to their marketing consultant recommend cart advertising, theatre spot ads, road signage and other ideas.  The Medical building is speaking for itself  by it's presence and attractive brick features.  Once the signage is up Redmond travelers won't miss the location for accessible, fast, comprehensive medical treatment.

One of Evergreen's competitors in Redmond is "Swedish/Redmond: ER and Outpatient Center" on Union Hill Road across from United Parcel Post.  Swedish/Redmond is celebrating their December opening with a "holiday housewarming" event on Saturday, December 18, 10-2.  Their ER Opens Dec. 21st.  Have you seen any of their advertising?  Read more....

At the Friday night Redmond Mustang boys basketball game, a light-blue "Swedish/Redmond" banner hung on the gym wall, and a full-page color "Swedish Medical Center/Redmond" ad took the program inside cover. The tag-line:  "Now there's an ER right in your neighborhood".  Were you one of the many hundreds attending "Redmond Lights" last night?  Swedish was sponsoring it and passing out hand-warmers.  Read more....


Swedish Medical Center is in the later stages of building 175 bed hospital in Issaquah Highlands.  Evergreen Hospital Medical Center is only "5 miles and 11 minutes" from the Redmond Skate Park.  So, the "games are on" to attract patients to their respective ED/Primary Care departments, labs and  hospitals. Overlake Medical Center Urgent Care on East Lake Sammamish Blvd is competing with  24/7 Urgent care services.  All three facilites boast  modern electronic medical records services for accuracy and "in-house" patient convenience.

To a lesser extent Swedish and Evergreen are competing for patients to the North. Evergreen (Public) Hospital Medical Center is opening their Woodinville Urgent Care Clinic, Spring of 2011 and Swedish Medical Center is opening an ED/primary care facility in Mill Creek, south of Everett.  Swedish recently took over operations at Stevens Memorial (Public) Hospital.

By Bob Yoder
iPhone Photo by Yoder


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Swedish and Evergreen posted price lists for their emergency room services. Maybe Redmond Blog readers could send in summaries of their bills and insurance reimbursements.

Bob Yoder said...

Great idea! Better yet, leave your email here and I'll ask RNB readers send summaries to you and I'd post them for you.

I urge you to attend the Evergreen Commission Meeting on December 21, 6:30PM in the Tan Room #250. Public Comment is taken and you can give your elected commissioners your idea.

Yes, posted price lists - as do car dealerships and other businesses would be a service to the consumer, especially if they offered specials, like vaccination discounts, etc.