Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Requesting Unmet Community Health Services Is a GOOD Reason To Go To Evergreen's Hearing on 11/12

OPINION:  Do you know Evergreen Hospital has a Net Gain of $12,158,589 in their 2011 Budget?  That's not counting an operating gain of $2,940,851 transfered to the Capital Fund.  Yet, Evergreen is still allowed by law to collect property tax levy-dollars.
Evergreen's website describes the two ways Evergreen spends our levy tax dollars:
  1. Debt Repayment
  2. Much Needed Community Health Services
THE BUDGET PROCESS:  A "Levy Committee" is formed to offer proposals to the Commission for Levy money allocations.  The levy allocation process isn't complete until the annual November Budget Hearing, at which time the Public has an opportunity to present their own offers and requests of the Commission.

Do you have any requests for community health services that are widely needed but not currently provided by the Hospital with levy monies?  If so, and you feel strongly about it, attend the Budget Hearing this Friday morning and make your request of the Commissioners. 

Obesity prevention and care is a large unmet need in our community.  I'll be requesting levy funding for obesity at the Hearing.  The Obesity Research Journal estimates only 1/3 of the community is in a healthy weight range.  It's estimated that at current trend levels, by 2030, 86.3% of adults will be overweight or obese.  Bring as much research about your community health care offer as possible.

Widespread community health needs for levy dollars are occasionally identified from a personal experience at Evergreen.  I'll be addressing several of these needs at the Hearing this Friday morning, November 12 at 7:30AM.  Hope to see you there. 

The Hearing will be held in the Evergreen Hospital, Physicians and Surgeons Building, on the second level, Room Tan 205, known as the "Public Meeting Room".   Need directions?  email

Opinion by Bob Yoder

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