Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Open Government Report" on Evergreen Hospital Operations and Governance

The following information is posted permanently on the Header of RNB blog as "Evergreen (Public) Hospital   

  • Evergreen's 2010 report on how taxpayer levy funds are spent.
  • 2010 Hospital Levy review.  
  • 2008 Executive Compensation and Benefits
  • See changes CEO Bob Malte has made since his start in April
  • Public Access and Notification procedures identified.
  • Letters from Washington State Assistant Attorney General documenting public right to recording and photographing meetings and obtaining current Minutes.
Some of this information was acquired from Evergreen's Public Record Request Officer, Laurene H. Burton. and by attending Regular and Study Session Public Meetings.

Click link to read the report:

Research and report by Bob Yoder

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