Monday, November 29, 2010

Redmond Historical Society (RHS) is approaching 100 meetings

RHS Past President Judy Lang & Current President, ex-Mayor Chris Himes (right)
“Did you know that we are approaching 100 general meetings,” our website guru Richard Morris asks?  He
knows because thanks to Nao Hardy’s work we have an online list of meetings showing who spoke at each one and when.  To find the list go to

By Miguel Llanos
Editor, Redmond Historical Society Newsletter

Richard Morris is my neighbor and the original contributor to Redmond Neighborhood Blog (RNB).  You can find his stories and posts here.  B. Yoder

Ex-Mayor Chris Himes spoke at the August 6 "First Friday Coffee Chat" sponsored by the Senior Center.  Read the Redmond Reporter article on Mayor Himes talk.  B. Yoder

RHS Founder Naomi Hardy "Redmond Reflections - from settlers to software"  is available on Amazon, the library, and all local bookstores.  B. Yoder

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