Monday, November 29, 2010

UPDATED: Redmond Council To Hold Special Meeting on Budget

President Richard Cole (3rd from left)
UPDATED:  This evening, 11/30,  the Mayor is asking Council to review and possibly vote on the proposed budget and the Tax and Fee increases that are budgeted for the next two years (2011 -2012).  You may comment by email.

>  1% assessed property tax increase of $291,777
>  $2,980,533 Salary, Wages, Benefits increase includes 1% ($680,015) cost-of-living increase.
> 10% Water Rate increase for city
> 14% Water Rate increase for Novelty Hill Service Area
> 28% Wastewater Rate increase for Novelty Hill Service Area (2011 only)
> 4% Wastewater Rate increase for city.
> $240,000 Business License Fee increase (BITI)
> Stormwater Capital Impervious Unit Charges increase to: $8,539 (Overlake) and $5,435 (Downtown)
> Stormwater Capital Impervious Unit Charge for developers increase to $958/unit.
> Impact Fees on LWSD and private developers 1.64% (FIRE), 1.24% (PARKS)
> 50% reduction in the Flower Pot Program (open for reconsideration tomorrow)  Read More.

The Proposed Total General Tax Levy for 2011 is:  $22,211,471
  • $15,954,728 for general operations
  • $5,964,966 for supporting Redmond's existing levy lid lifts approved by Council over the years.
  • $291,777 related to debt service (source of funds is the proposed 1% property tax lid lift of 2011.
  • This includes a roll back in the existing property tax levy by $543,200 to mitigate impact of annexation into the King County Library District.  
Council is approving the budget tomorrow night at City Hall on Tuesday, 11/30, 7:30 PM.  You may attend the meeting or watch the proceedings on RC-TV Channel 21.

Hank Margeson
The Council welcomes Public Comment.  To comment,
 Email: , Councillor Hank Margeson  or

Council approves the budget and sets policy.  Every two years, the Mayor and staff prepare the BP budget and after Thanksgiving, propose it to Council for approval.  Redmond's Mayor is an elected official, the CEO and Chief of Staff. 

By Bob Yoder
Photo from Hank's campaign
Source:   Ordinances under Agenda for Council's Special Meeting, 11/30. 
"Adoption of the 2011-2012 Biennial Budget and Capital Improvement Levy"

CC:   11/29, emailed "for review" to Jane Christianson, Deputy Adminstrator, C.O. R.

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Bob Yoder said...

Council didn't bring up the Flower Pot Program so ostensibly they've decided to cut out 50% of the flower pots from the city for the next two years (unless the Mayor can find more "efficiencies"; last bieniumm he found $15M in efficiences.)

I hope the Administration will install the pots at major neighborhood intersections rather than concentrate them at City Hall.