Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reporter story of the LWSD overcrowding needs clarification

Bob Yoder

OPINION:  "Reporter story on the LWSD overcrowding needs clarification"  By Bob Yoder

I think Mary Decker's October 6 story "Parents weigh in on overcrowding issue" is very well written,  except for a couple omissions, as follows:

1)  Error & Omission:   Two new District Superintendents (Pierce & Vaille) attended and participated in the October 6 input session.  The Reporter omitted them.

This summer Superintendent Chip Kimball initiated significant organizational changes to the District administration.  (see my earlier post).  One change, was to promote Dr. Traci Pierce to Deputy Superintendent of School Instruction and move Dr. John Vaille to Assistant Superintendent of Technology.  Pierce and Vaille now report directly to Superintendent Dr. Kimball rather than to Deputy Superintendent Janene Fogard.  Janene is now freed up to direct Administrative operations.  Dr. Pierce, Dr. Vaille, and Barbara Posthumus actively participated in this vibrant October 9th input session.  Their participation was absent in last year's feeder school and levy input sessions. 

2)  Clarification:  Not one School Board member attended  or participated in the Oct. 6 input meeting.  The Reporter omitted this.  When a parent questioned how LWSD planned to "advertise" its desire for community support for more funding, Fogard noted, " The district can only provide information.  It can not spend money to promote its agenda."  [Reporter]

What wasn't said is:  the School Board IS authorized to promote the agenda, so why weren't they there?  Board members Ravi Shahanni, Chris Carlson, and Nancy Bernard missed all three overcrowding input meetings.  Our Community needs the full support and participation of our School Board members if future levy and bonds are to pass.  Last year is a perfect lesson.

School Board members advertise and promote their candidacy to voters when they're up for re-election; why can't give the same level of support to our schools during bond and levy elections?

Opinion By Bob Yoder


Paganne said...

I find it sad that these meetings appear to be only a sham to intimate the desire for public opinion, when in reality I believe the district and the school board has already made up their minds on what they are doing. Ask for more money is always the answer to whatever challenge comes up in the schools.

Anonymous said...

I share the same opinion as Paganne.