Sunday, September 19, 2010

Costs of "The Redmond Saturday Market" lease

Redmond Town Center leases land to the Saturday Market for $950/day.
UPDATED:  The Saturday Market has been a part of Redmond's culture for the last thirty-four years.  With the move to "Buy Local" the Market is more popular than ever before.   Driving down Leary it's not hard to see the bustle in the farmers and craftspersons white tents.   Do you see the tents behind Redmond Town Center's gateway sign?

The Market and parking lot sits on 8,000 square feet of land leased from Redmond Town Center (RTC).  According to  Market Manager, Martha Tyler, they pay Redmond Town Center $950/day to rent "the dirt", or $3,800/month.  The Sani-Cans are extra.  The Market is open for six months from May 1 - October 30 so the total payment to RTC each year is $22,800.   But, RTC sponsors the Market with a $3,000/year donation plus advertising space valued at $1,800/year by RTC.   Market Manager Martha Tyler said:
"It would be great if the market parking lot was donated each Saturday since it's a community service for the folks of Redmond.  Many farmer market sites in the state of Washington are donated or charged a very small amount so that the market can operate with less of a financial burden, we're talking farmers and crafters here, not big business". 
About two years ago, Jim Hoagland, Saturday Market President, approached City Council asking for funds to help cover their lease payments and attract entertainment.  According to Ms. Tyler, Council has approved a $5,000/yr. payment to the Market (a nonprofit) for the last two years.  Three other government-funded entities sponsor the Market:  Evergreen (Public) Hospital ($1,000), Think Redmond ($1000) and R-Trip ($1000).  Read More.

The donations and new management have brought back the bustle!  Have you heard about their big "Howl-O-Ween Day" event on October 30?    Read More >>

Each Saturday there's something going on.  Look what's 'in store' for their Last Day, October 30.   If you like animals, you'll love it.   Bring your pets for the "Howl-O-Ween" Pet Costume Parade at Noon.   Listen to the "Railyard" from 12-2.  The Seattle Humane Society "Adopt A Pet"  van "Max" will have pets looking for homes.


City of Redmond
R-TRIP -   Partnership with the City, County, and Greater Redmond Transportation Management Assoc.
Think Redmond -  Partnership with City, Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce, and R-Trip.
Evergreen Hospital -  is a tax-supported public hopsital
Redmond Town Center - is owned by Macerich, an $805 Million real estate limited partnership. Ticker: MAC )

Macerich on "Social Responsibility"
"Macerich shopping centers thrive alongside their local communities. From thousands of hours of employee volunteer time for local organizations each year to a gift card that supports sustainability and eco-friendly causes, Macerich works to give back through financial support, in-kind donations and partnerships with non-profit organizations."  - Macerich website

By Bob Yoder
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Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe that RTC does not freely donate the undeveloped shopping mall space to the non profit Market group as a good business citizen of Redmond. The market shoppers bring business to the mall. Knowing how much RTC is charging makes me want to take my shopping mall business elsewhere. Mr. Macerich should read his own social responsibility statement.

Anonymous said...

Unless I'm reading it incorrectly, the "donations" made by Evergreen Hosp, Think Redmond and R-Trip aren't true donations, but are actually taxpayer dollars.

Bob Yoder said...

Dear AnonyTwo - Yes, I think you are reading it right. Funding rather than Donations appears the operative word. A city Planner mans the R-Trip booth. He said the City funds R-Trip and ThinkRedmond. Thus, taxpayer-funded donations by the city totalled $14,000 over the last two years. Staffing the booth is additional.

As for Evergreen Hospital, 6% of their general operating budget is funded by taxpayers. Thus, you could say taxpayers fund $60 of the total $1000 donation. Evergreen's gourmet chief manned a demo booth twice so I guess you could say taxpayers paid for %6 of that...