Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lake Washington PTSA looking for "Special Needs Liaisons"

Julie Shalaby says....

I have a list of schools where we still need Special Needs Liaison's. Our goal is to have a Liaison at every school in the district. It's not a big time commitment and you can make it what you want but it really helps the families in your school become connected with this community.

Lake Washington, Juanita , Redmond HS

Northstar, Inglewood, Renaissance

Audubon, Bell, Einstein, Peter Kirk, Rush, Sandburg, Smith, Twain, Rachel Carson

Here's all you need to do (or NOT do!) as a liaison. It's easy!!!

Contact our SNG Liaison Coordinator, Amy Verrall, to let her know you are interested or if you have questions.    Read More.

You will be added to the Liaison distribution email list and get a monthly email from Amy, during the school year, that has all the information needed about our upcoming meeting.

You just have to forward that email to your school's newsletter editor, Parent Organizer administrator and/or your school's webmaster so they can post the details.

For schools with a preschool special ed program (listed below), it really helps to forward the info to these teachers so the brand new parents can learn about our group as well!

You do NOT have to pass along the resource info that Julie Shalaby (our new SNG Chairperson) will be sending out via email. If parents at your campus would like that kind of info, they can ask to be included on our Special Needs Group distribution list and we'd be happy to add them.

You do NOT have to attend the Special Needs Group monthly meeting unless you want to.

Some school PTSA units may want you to attend their monthly PTSA meeting or be on their Board of Directors but you can chose if you want to.

Some liaisons host a Disability Awareness Fair at their school. There are several liaisons who can help anyone that might be interested in doing this at their school. This is NOT mandatory, but has been very well-received.

So, please let us know if you are interested in spreading the news about the Special Needs Group!!

Julie Shalaby
LWSD PTSA Special Needs Group Chairperson

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