Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's up with the "green bikes" in downtown Redmond?

The city's first green bike rack was placed outside the Library for over three years before they  launched their Bike Rack program big-time two years ago. This one in front of Redmond Physical Therapy and scores of others have since been installed in the downtown.  Have you seen them?  Now you know how they can be used!  Read More for a full explanation.

According to the city: 
"The rack allows both wheels and frame to be secured using a u-style bike lock, an anti-theft device that is significantly more effective than traditional chain or cable locks. Two to four bikes can easily be locked parallel to the rack, leaving the sidewalk clear for pedestrian traffic."
 U-Locks can be purchased at Target, Sammamish Valley Cycle and other bicycle retail outlets.

When the city installed the Street Art racks I wasn't too surprised no one was using them.  I'm sure quite a few bicyclists don't know they're allowed to lock up on this "street art".  And some may not know how to use them.  The downtown core is still hollow and designed for pass-though traffic.  Hopefully, the racks will someday be used more often.  These physical therapy employees figured it out.   

By Bob Yoder
Photos by Yoder (two with Iphone) 


Anonymous said...

These are completely silly. They don't work as well as "normal" bike racks (you can't as easily chain up to them), and they've been placed were bikers are unlikely to use them anyway.

What a poorly conceived and applied idea.

Anonymous said...

i totally disagree with what Anonymous said...they look great and work well. must be 'user error'

Anonymous said...

I have used them and they work pretty well. I've locked up to enough street-posts, street lamps, railings and other street furniture to be able to figure these little guys out.

Having enough bike parking is a problem in downtown though. I tried to get a haircut at Supercuts, but they didn't have anywhere for me to lock my bike. I had to walk over to the Redmond Activity Center and poach off their rack.

Of course, Supercuts had a half empty parking lot.

Bob Yoder said...

The city changed the color of the bikes from green to black on Bear Creek Parkway. They don't stand out as much....less "street artsy".