Wednesday, August 11, 2010

UPDATED: Minutes from Evergreen Hospital's Public Meeting sheds light on the organization

>>  In a June, 2010 Public  Meeting CEO Rob Malte announced  Evergreen Medical Center has been recognized, as follows:   
o Seattle Business Magazine – one of the best places to work;
o King County – one of the best places for recycling;
o Seattle Magazine & 425 – Evergreen had over a 100 physicians listed as best doctors; and 
o Healthgrades – Evergreen Maternity Center was ranked inthe top 5% in the country

In addition, Administrative Director Laurene Burton  recorded the following  Minutes: 

>>  "Ms. Peterson, Executive Director of the Evergreen Healthcare Foundation, introduced Teddy Overleese, Chair of the Foundation Board.  Ms. Overleese provided an overview of the Foundation’s accomplishments, including the website redevelopment, inaugural Hospice luncheon, and the annual gala.  Events have raised over $900,000. It was noted that in 2009, there was an increase in major donors of 18% over 2008 and there were 970 first-time donors to the Foundation. Ms. Peterson closed by thanking Ms. Yamada (Dir. of Finance) and her staff for all of their assistance in helping with the finances of the Foundation. Commissioner DeYoung thanked Ms. Peterson and Ms. Overleese and offered appreciation for all the work they have done for the Foundation."

>> "The recent focus on RN specimen collection has demonstrated 100% knowledge of the correct collection process and consequence of errors, and Dr. Pheifer was pleased to see a declining trend in collection errors."

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