Thursday, July 22, 2010

SR 520 Bridge tolling begins Spring, 2011

Camera is North of  SR520 in Redmond.  (Updated every 1.5 minutes)
In the spring of 2011, all-electronic tolling will begin on the SR 520 Bridge to help pay for the construction of a new, safer bridge. Good To Go! electronic tolling uses technology to keep traffic moving with no toll booths, no stopping and no slowing down.
Customers can set up prepaid accounts linked to a Good To Go! Pass installed in the vehicle or linked to the license plate number. By linking the account to a credit card or bank account, it will be automatically replenished to prevent it from running low.

As vehicles drive under electronic sensors on the east high rise of the SR520 Bridge, the toll is automatically deducted from the prepaid account.

If the driver does not have a prepaid account, a photo is taken of the vehicle’s license plate, and a bill is sent to the vehicle’s registered owner in the mail.

WSDOT/Redmond  press release

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