Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Municipal League Releases 2010 Candidate Ratings

SEATTLE - The Municipal League of King County released its non-partisan evaluations of 122 legislative, judicial and local candidates today. The ratings are available online at .

The non-partisan ratings process is similar to a job interview and investigates each candidate's potential to be effective in the office he or she seeks and to beneficially serve the community. Political affiliations or stances on particular issues are not considered during the League rating process. The Municipal League attempted to contact every candidate in a contested race. Candidates were rated even if they declined to participate.

Legislative District 45, State Rep. Pos. 2
Larry Springer - Outstanding
Mark Isaacs - Not Qualified

Legislative District 45, State Senator
Eric Oemig - Very Good
Andy Hill - Good

Legislative District 48, State Rep. Pos. 1
Diane Tebelius - Very Good
Ross Hunter - Very Good

Legislative District 48, State Rep. Pos. 2
Philip L. Wilson - Not Qualified
Deb Eddy - Very Good

Legislative District 48, State Senator
Rodney Tom - Outstanding
Gregg Bennett - Good

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