Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sammamish Slough crow with snake

The attached photo was taken on May 30 along the Sammamish Slough, just south of the rust colored footbridge here in Redmond. It was definitely a "shoot from the hip" photo, and I only partially succeeded in getting the crow in the frame.

I couldn't figure out what it had in its beak, until I looked at the photo later. Initially I thought maybe it was a stick or branch. It's a pretty good sized snake. The crow was evidently hunting in the grass as I approached it, and then it suddenly flew up. I was lucky to catch the action.

John Reinke
Sammamish Slough photographer
Education Hill neighborhood

A collection of John Reinke's Sammamish Slough nature photographs will be on display at the Redmond Library thoughout July.

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Bob Yoder said...

John - KIRO 7 grabbed this page with the crow and snake. It was on their web site for about half a day. Hundreds of views! Keep up the good photography work! I look forward to your library exhibition.