Friday, June 4, 2010

Liquor Control Board and Police do a "liquor sting" on local estabishments

A joint enforcement operation conducted last night between the Redmond Police Department and the Washington State Liquor Control Board found that 22% of establishments weren't doing their job correctly.

Officers and agents worked with underage informants in an attempt to purchase alcohol within the City of Redmond. Of the 103 businesses visited with liquor licenses, 23 sold to the informants, a 78% compliance rate.

Violators were cited for furnishing alcohol to a minor. The Washington State Liquor Control Board will follow up with offending businesses with administrative actions. At all locations, when ID was requested of the minor, a valid Washington State ID showing actual date of birth was presented.

“The good news is that an overwhelming majority of establishments and employees are doing things correctly,” commented Lt. Erik Scairpon. “We will work with those in violation along with the Liquor Control Board in hopes to educate them and bring the number of violations down in the future. At the end of the day, we want people to be safe.”
Locations busted:
Redmond Way (4) - City Center (16),  Avondale (2),  Education Hill (3)  
Source:  Jim Bove
Redmond Police


Anonymous said...

Nice "subtle" advertisment for a book understanding alcoholism. Once again we see the true bias of this alleged community blog as Bob turns real news into his personal agenda against booze. His personal evil. The thing he fears and cannot control.

This story has nothing to do with alcoholism, it has everything to do with businesses in our community breaking the law. Why aren't these businesses listed? If the Redmond PD are trying to educate the businesses (albeit by making more revenue), why can't this blog be educational as well to the community so we can know and understand where the real problems actually are? The problem is serving alcohol to minors, not just serving alcohol.

And yes Bob, I am sober. 8 years now. By choice. But I don't live in fear of a drop of alcohol being near me or in my community. I accept reality, and accept people for doing what they choose to do. The way society can contiue to grow and prosper properly. Find better things to push instead of your own fear mongering agenda over your own fears.

Bob Yoder said...

Dear "Alcoholic Anonymous" - Congratulations on your eight years of sobriety! That is quite an accomplishment. You're right, my choice of books wasn't relevant to the story and may misguide readers and for that I'm sorry.

Thank you for your suggestion, to identify the establishments that were breaking the law. I've made a written request for records to the police and hope to publish the establishments by name in the near future. I've also asked the Police for the legal consequences to those servers (and bar owners) who break the law.

Thank you for your input and your interest in my blog.

Howard Frazier said...

The anonymous post after mine (dated June 5, 2010 3:30 PM ) is a little strange. Although he rightly points out that the story is about an alcohol violation rather than alcoholism, does he infer that there is no logical connection whatsoever? He is critical of the ad placement, but isn’t it a common practice these days to post ads related to the topic… it is certainly common in the “Google world”. The mere posting of the ad did not constitute any ‘true bias’ as was accused. What is the point of the criticism anyway… is he arguing a “pro alcoholism” position?

I would encourage posters to refrain from submitting comments as ‘anonymous’ and instead use their real identities. It fosters more thoughtful writing since we ‘own’ our comments.