Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Neighborhood Network" program launched

Redmond, WA – Thursday night, nearly 20 Grass Lawn residents gathered at Rose Hill Junior High to discuss their neighborhood with City of Redmond Planning staff. The City initiated the meeting as part of the pilot Neighborhood Network program. One objective of the program is to check-in with residents regarding their neighborhood’s plan.

Mayor John Marchione opened the meeting by reminding residents of his vision of a connected and supportive community. Mayor Marchione sees neighborhoods connecting physically through completed sidewalks and trails, but also connecting at gathering places where neighbors can exchange ideas and celebrate their successes.
In addition to providing an opportunity for neighbors to discuss additions and priorities for their neighborhood plan, residents shared concerns and ideas on such topics as housing, traffic, open space and public safety.

In October, a second Neighborhood Network meeting will take place in the Education Hill neighborhood to discuss their neighborhood plan. After these two meetings, the program will be evaluated for further connection with all of Redmond’s ten neighborhoods in 2011 and beyond.

The Grass Lawn neighbors who attended the meeting at Rose Hill Junior High considered the evening a success. They left with a better understanding of what the neighborhood plan is and how its implementation will continue to enhance the area.

I've asked Kimberly Dietz, Senior Planner running the Neighborhood Network program for an interview at Grass Lawn Park, one of the premier parks in Redmond.   Do you have questions for her? 

By Bob Yoder
Source:  City Press Release

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