Saturday, May 15, 2010

Joint Pilot Project designed to enhance safety on Sammamish River Trail

This May, King County and the City of Redmond begin a joint pilot project designed to enhance safety on the Sammamish River Trail. Over the last several years, conflicts due to congestion have increased among the various trail users (walkers, skaters, cyclists, etc) along portions of the trail through downtown Redmond. The pilot study area is between NE Leary Way to just north of NE 90th Street.

The year-long study will bring several changes to the trail in this area. In the next couple of weeks, a dashed yellow stripe will be painted down the center of the trail to encourage users to keep to the right, vegetation will be cleared further from the trail to improve sight distances and trail etiquette signage will be added.

Having been a heavy bicycle user of the Sammamish River Trail when training for the STP I can vouch for the value in this pilot program, particularly the yellow stripe for safety and to slow traffic.   What do you think about the changes? 

The County also plans to install another kiosk just south of the NE 90th Street trail access point that will hold the Share the Trail brochure along with the Regional Trails in King County Map and additional Regional Trails System information. King County will also open portions of the West Sammamish River Trail in 2010. This unpaved trail on the west bank of the river should have access points at NE 90th Street, the PSE Powerline Trail Bridge and NE 116th Street. Use of this alternative trail by pedestrians is intended to help relieve congestion along the Sammamish River Trail.

By Bob Yoder
Source:  City Press Release

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Jactive said...

I think the pilot project on this section of the trail will be a great improvement. As someone who walks the trail almost every day, I've learned to be extra vigilant concerning cyclists who whiz by suddenly from behind, without any advance warning.