Thursday, January 13, 2022

The Origins of Pickleball: How It All Began / And Where To Play!

Many thanks to Shelly Bowman, Redmond Parks Commissioner, for sharing this amazing video on the origins of Pickleball.  The City is offering two outdoor courts at the Senior & Community Center.  Last summer two Perrigo Park tennis courts were temporarily converted to Pickleball on a rotating, trial basis.  Shelly says there's a court at Nike Park, Westside Park, Spiritbrook Park and two Grasslawn Park tennis courts with partial pickleball lines. Shelly says "apparently the ORSH (Old Redmond School House) is offering 4 indoor opportunities starting March 1 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings."  Two Redmond gyms each offer two portable courts at 24 Fitness and 425 Fitness 
Register with the City for ORSH pickleball here!
-- Reported by Yoder


JC said...

I was hoping your post would give the history of the game ... As I was lead to believe, pickleball originated on Bainbridge Island back in the '50's. It is similar to platform tennis played back east and paddle tennis played in California and elsewhere. Pickle ball uses a whiffle type ball and the other two use "dead" tennis balls.

Bob Yoder said...

If you listen to the video you'll see an abundance of history!!

When I was a kid in New York winters my whole family played platform tennis! I found it much like racquetball playing the rubber ball off chicken wire. The wide slates between the court boards helped to sweep off the snow. Loved this game!