Thursday, December 16, 2021

"SFT Commercial" Building Under Review

This was the site of the popular "Brown Bag" restaurant and now SFT

The SFT Commercial proposal is in downtown Redmond adjacent to 164th Ave NE and south of the proposed Redmond Sunset Apartments. (8405-164th Ave. NE.) The proposal is a two-story 10,000 sf commercial building with 20 surface parking stalls. The parcel is a vacant lot (above) The site is flat and includes trees, shrubs and various grasses. An animal emergency clinic is across the street. "Herfy's mall" is on the right.  The surrounding neighborhood has a mix of mixed-use multifamily housing, professional services and retail.

According to the DRB the project is to promote the urban centers as locations for a variety of businesses, including retail, office, services, and entertainment uses that are compatible with a mixed-use urban environment. 

And, to encourage a variety of economic activities, ranging from daily goods and services to small and locally owned boutiques and other specialty stores, as well as restaurants, residences and offices that promote the urban centers as appealing places to live, work and shop and provide for active uses during the day and evening hours.  (Under review by the DRB.)

The project is proposing a commercial use. However, the type of commercial use is not defined so staff  and the Design Review Board will hold a second DRB meeting.  

Staff is seeking feedback regarding the project and initial thoughts on their proposed design. I'll get the staff contacts and post them here if you want to comment.

-- Design Review Board Pre-Application memo, 12/6/2021

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