Thursday, September 23, 2021

Police Chief Lowe Asks Council For De-escalation Equipment

Bola Wrap, Internet

The police department wants to ensure the safety of the community and staff when responding to critical incidents requiring appropriate de-escalation techniques while providing the most current and functional training and equipment. The department anticipates allocating one-time federal funds as follows:

· BolaWrap: The Wrap can safely & humanely restrain resisting subjects from a distance without relying on pain compliance and while keeping all involved safe. When used to control subjects in a mental or drug-impaired crisis, this tool enables officers to keep the community safe and get people the help they need without causing injury. Link to BolaWrap website . ($7,000) 

· Virtual Reality (VR): Axon VR Training provides comprehensive real-world training paired with Taser and other weapons systems to ensure training, coaching, and development for critical incidents. Empathy insights, critical thinking, analytical, and de-escalation skills training are provided. Officer preparedness and tools to identify and address the psychological impacts of the public safety profession are addressed. Link to Axon VR Training website . ($83,000) Pricing starts at $700,  Our police chief wants VR Training beyond his allocation.

· Taser 7 upgrades: Upgrading to Axon Taser 7 provides for the must current platform, integrates with use/training records, and integrates with the Virtual Reality training system. Link to Taser 7 website . ($191,000)  Then ~$60.00/month. [As a lay citizen IMO this upgrade is a luxury; spend it or lose it.]

Committee Of The Whole, memo, 9/22/2021

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Anonymous said...

With Taser, too much risk or suspects with heart conditions/obesity. That problem solved with BOLA.