Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Northeast Recycling Transfer Station Project

70% of King County garbage is recyclable. Of 120 truckloads, 90 could be filled with recyclables. Food, waste and organics account for most of the recyclables.  -- Pat McLaughlin, Solid Waste Division Manager.

King County manages solid waste for 37 cities located within the County as well as all the unincorporated areas of the County. King County’s 2019 Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (Plan) sets strategies for managing solid waste in King County on a 20- year planning horizon and is updated every six years. The Plan sets policies for operation of the solid waste system including long-range disposal options and identifies required upgrades to the County system including transfer stations. The Plan was most recently updated and approved by the cities (including Redmond) in 2019. King County’s transfer station system includes six urban transfer stations geographically located throughout the County along with four rural transfer stations. Of the six urban transfer stations, the Houghton station (the station used by Redmond) is the last station that is planned to be replaced or upgraded with a modern design to include compaction and recycling facilities by 2027.  The Plan recommends providing a new, modern recycling and transfer facility in the Northeast part of the county, to serve Kirkland, Redmond, Sammamish, Woodinville and unincorporated areas and to replace the aging Houghton Transfer Station that was built in the mid 1960’s. Recyclables can be replaced back into the economy. This King County Project is being managed by the King County Solid Waste Division.

Regular Business Meeting memo, 7/28/2020

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