Saturday, May 2, 2020

Large Woodbridge Project Under Review

THE WOODBRIDGE PROJECT: (Under review.)  The project is proposing a 170 for-sale dwelling units (17 of which will be affordable) and consists of 118 townhomes and 52 carriage flat condominiums. 2.67 acres of open space and associated infrastructure upgrades are also planned as part of this development. The Master Plan proposes to increase the housing diversity within the City and provide a school bus shelter, a pedestrian connection of Woodbridge Community, and the dwelling units are to be built to 3-Star Built Green standards. The project will extend 191st Avenue NE north to NE 70th Street and construct NE 70th Street from 188th Avenue NE to the project site.

Project context:

Project Context The proposed project is located within the Southeast Redmond Neighborhood and is zoned Northeast Design District (NDD1). The site is approximately 11.94-acres in size and is currently undeveloped. The site was previously used as an industrial gravel pit and contains manmade steep slopes on the east, west, and south portions of the site. It is bounded by rural Unincorporated King County to the east, Woodbridge single-family community to the south, an undeveloped lot and Southeast Redmond Park to the west, and Cadman industrial gravel pit to the north. The Northeast Design District (NDD1) zone is in a unique location. It includes both heavy industrial uses and residential uses, as well as protected natural environment to the east. NDD1 is intended to create a transition from the more intensive heavy industrial uses to less intensive single-family uses through thoughtful siting of buildings, vegetated buffers, and parks. To ensure that transition between industrial uses and placement of residential is effective, the zone includes additional standards that apply to site design.

Public Hearing is August 18, 2020

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